Hello, I'm Diyah.

I am a woman, a mother and a witch. Motherhood is an important part of my journey. Everything I undertake is a personal need of Self-expression and growth, but also an inspiration to my descendants. I want to be one of those ancestors whose power comes from the roots and spreads endlessly down every branch of the family tree. This was not the case for me and the path was not easy. It's also teaching them that when you do something with heart, integrity and resilience, anything is possible. How beautiful it is when it's something that benefits us as much as it serves others? My practice of witchcraft is not what you think. It is "simply" the use of tools such as astrology, plants & the power of intention in order to actively manifest  what is meant for me. I'm studying Hellenistic astrology and have always been. This branch of astrology is the only one I was attracted to and that is why this is the foundation of my practice. When I started to realize the depth of the subject and the opportunities in terms of self-expansion, I was excited. The beauty and power of living a life in alignment with my individual needs was there, at my fingertips. Me who had never really found my place & had never acted in society the way I was expected to. I created a place where being myself was a force without limit. Where I could savor every moment of the present while staying open to the vast expanse of the unknown. A life without predictions except that of constant evolution, certain fulfillment and a promise of a life lived with a full heart. That's why there is no restrictions to what I do. Herbalism, astrology, art and tarot are just the tip of my iceberg. A tiny part of who I am and my personal contribution during my limited time on Earth.

Are you ready to dive deeper?

Are you ready to transform the way you live?

Are you ready to focus your time and your energy on what really matters?


What is a Moon Circle?

The Moon Circle is a private LIVE EVENT on Discord, where I share and exchange with you about the energy of the FULL MOON from an astrological and intuitive point on view. This audio + chat meet up is closed with a Tarot reading for each one of the zodiac signs.