The word COVEN derives from the Latin "convenio" which means to be together or to gather which also gave the English word "convene". It is used to describe the gathering of like minded people. 

On social media, it's a constant war for attention that I had to wage to be sure to be visible in order to share. For this reason, I decided to create a place where I can express myself and where my speech is not a distant noise lost in the middle of voices desperately shouting to be heard. I want to redirect my sacred energy to people who are receptive, consciously present and who will appreciate the value of what I bring because they know the worth of their own energy. A pure, healthy and balanced exchange in a safe place.


  • To learn more about astrology, tarot and occultism in general.
  • For precise, human and down-to-earth guidance to help you move forward with a light spirit.
  • To exchange and discuss with people who understand you and share a part of your way of life.


  • Privileged access to live Q&A to discuss important topics for your own personal development.
  • Books and useful tools to expand your knowledge and reduce the perception of the impossible.
  • Astrological knowledge and intuitive and deep descriptions of the Cosmos, as well as Tarot readings to guide you on the road to the freest expression of who you are.


Are you ready to dive deeper?

Are you ready to transform the way you live?

Are you ready to focus your time and your energy on what really matters?


What is a Moon Circle?

The Moon Circle is a private LIVE EVENT on Discord, where I share and exchange with you about the energy of the FULL MOON from an astrological and intuitive point on view. This audio + chat meet up is closed with a Tarot reading for each one of the zodiac signs.