Collection: The Oracle Deck

What is a Talisman?

A Talisman is an object to which magical virtues are attributed. They generally serve to attract beneficial energies and to repel and protect us from those that could harm us.

What is the Oracle Deck about?

An Oracle deck is a card game whose goal is to invite you to contemplate the present, be more self-aware about a behavior or provide you with an answer to a question you are asking yourself. Each Talisman represents a specific human power or emotions, as well as the duality that goes with it. Each of the cards is an indication of an energy that you need to cultivate or balance within yourself. Like every superpower, you have to know how to dose them well so as not to let them take up too much space in your life. This card game was created with the aim of working and reflecting on your feelings, what is missing, what you have and what deserves to be improved.

How many cards are there?

The deck is made up of 69 cards.

When will it be available?

All Talismans are available for purchase as NFT. Each of them is unique and gives priority access to be able to order the Oracle deck as well as an entry to win an A3 print. For those who do not have one, orders will be available on the website. Date to be determined. Follow me on social media to be sure to not miss the release date.

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