When we speak of spirituality, we also speak of ritual. One of my daily rituals is to begin with a cleansing of my surroundings, from the stagnant energies of the previous day. Those of the people living under the same roof as me, of the possible visitors, as well as mine (yep, can you imagine that I am not doped with toxic positivity?).

Before, I used incense that I bought, or Palo Santo. But that was before educating myself about its production, as well as the harmful effects of the purchase of the latter on the Natives of America.

So I decided to returned to one of the sources of my cultural heritage: Bakhoor. It's a mixture of plants and resin intended to purify and ward off negative energies. It was when I reconnected to this ancestral practice that the growing desire to add my touch naturally took hold.

Plants + astrology ... Why do that?

In astrology, each day of the week is associated with a planet or a luminary (sun and moon).
Monday - Moon
Tuesday - Mars
Wednesday - Mercury
Thursday - Jupiter
Friday - Venus
Saturday - Saturn
Sunday - Sun

Each planet & luminary has specific characteristics of which here is a vulgar summary:

Why not invite every day, the energy of the planet or the corresponding luminary within my house?

Why not use the knowledge of plants and their association with astrology in order to promote my physical, emotional and mental well-being?

The answer is in my "Cosmic Bakhoor"...Available very soon in limited quantities.

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With love, Dihya

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